This Fraud Must Stop

I attended & worked for White Dove Fellowship and the Melle’s,these are two of the greatest false teachers,thieves and frauds ever to Infect hurting people all across the South. The evidence of sexual perversion and financial mismanagement are unbelievable. A final thought, nepotism is rampant in this so-called christian establishment,just seek out some of the past staff who were instrumental in the foundation of this cultic organization, then again you’d probably not get a straight answer to questions because of the intimidation level that exist from the Milles. But,those are the cowards that their wives are the head of households. Absolutely nothing is in Biblical Order concerning this scam! Robert K Martin

[Admin note: Misuse of money destroys the witness of many about the greatness of GOD. Spending ministry money (no matter the source) for benefit of individuals and “walking the thin line” of the IRS regulations is not the testimony we need in these days. How could you call these people ‘spiritual leaders’? Not upset about money but about testimony. Bold and tears by admin.]

Lee Zurik Investigation: Could ministries face IRS issues?
FoxTV8/ Email: Last Update: 5/21 7:56 am

It’s hard to miss one of St. Charles Parish’s largest home construction projects ever. It’s a mansion being built by Jesse Duplantis Ministries. When done, it’s expected to be the home of the head of that ministry, Jesse Duplantis.

Parish records show covered area in the home approaches 35,000 square feet. About 22,000 of living space and another 13,000 in accessory space like the garage.

The five bedroom, more…

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