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Women Abusers

Posted in Uncategorized on April 11, 2015 by nailedflesh
  • It has to be said, if you put your hands on a woman other than to love or comfort, to console and protect, then “Your not half the man your mother was”! In other words your a Coward and don’t deserve the God given gift that is in your life. Now, to the other side of this coin “No Excuses”, ladies you have options,many options. Like infidelity if it happens once it will happen again in most cases and this applies even more with physical,verbal and psychological abuse. The first time needs to be the last!  
  • I’ve always believed in equality for women and in many situations the superiority of women,but in the case of abuse against women and their children your heart choices must be clear. If a so called man inappropriately put his hands on you or your kids it’s time for a change! First of all you can get out,you can get protection as needed, and if these are not the right for you remember the coward must sleep at some time and there’s your opportunity to square things! Get out or stand you ground and make sure he is covered by Six Foot of that Ground! If not the next grave site may be reserved for you or one of your children.
  • Women are to be respected,honored,loved & cherished, none of these things will come from a abuser! Don’t continue to put yourself or anyone else in this dangerous situation of staying with a abuser “Get The Hell Out”!!!
  • I’ve known the world that you live in quite well,my bride of 35 years had to be delivered from abusive relationships one at the death of her first husband, the next time when I came to know her and take her away from another abuser. I always promised to love her,never to cheat on her and never,never put my hands on her other than to show my love. To date I’ve kept these promises! All ladies deserve no less then the Best of love and admiration, a true SoulMate and he is out there you may have to look or wait for awhile but it’s only for a season,because God has your mate so consider starting with Father God the very example of what a partner should be “LOVE”!!!