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Anger & Rage “The Beast Within”

Posted in Struggles on May 24, 2014 by nailedflesh

Most people live their lives without the experience of an ever present anger and rage and then there are people like me who seem to experience anger and rage on a regular almost constant basis. At times it seems to be uncontrollable and there is never a
good time for these eruptions it is with me everywhere I go & infects everything that I do. It seems that anger has me by the throat and it is relentless truth be told anger does not have a hold on me it is me that has a hold on anger because of the jackpot payoffs that it provides. First anger is a great cover or substitute for any and all emotions like fear,guilt,frustration and hopelessness it has the capacity the capability of birthing severe extreme discomfort and pain. Number two by using anger I try to block out reality and my circumstances I may unleash my anger towards others who have absolutely nothing to do with my source of hostility. Thirdly anger permits me to experience a much desired sense of control.(when I need to give all control over to The Lord who has the Grace,Power & Compassion to change this angry into a soft,broken & loving heart)

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