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Living in Free-fall,USA

Posted in Uncategorized on February 5, 2014 by nailedflesh

I watch as the landscape of America changes as illegal immigration is now being rewarded instead of criminalized as illegals pour over I will weaken and porous borders it can be seen just how the very fabric of America is being changed. First we must admit that every single one that infiltrates our nation is a criminal that may be the reason it is called illegal immigration, why else would they be called illegals? In the past any time that I broke the law and was caught I was arrested detained imprisoned for my crimes and I can deal with that I have to stand accountable for my actions after all I did the crime now I must do the time I am an American citizen born and raised here, as a American citizen I understand that there are consequences for my crimes and the imprisonment is justice for those crimes. There is a new double standard alive and well in the USA not to mention growing larger and faster mostly at the hands of the liberals and the Democratic Party. These illegals involved in illegal activity or being rewarded for breaking and entering they are breaking our laws and entering our country and are being rewarded with education,healthcare, food stamps,welfare,& jobs just to mention a few of the awesome rewards for being given out as the American people continue to suffer as our country travels the road to third world status. Let’s not forget how they are bringing in drugs that are destroying families lives and our children as they eat away at the America that we once knew. The deadly drug cartels have moved closer and closer to our borders but should anything different be expected? It only makes sense that they would want to be closer to their valued customers transport system and let’s not forget the American counterpart so important to their mission illegal guns often supplied by our government! We are told that many come for an opportunity at a better way of life but let’s not forget they still come be legally. They come full well knowing that they are coming here to screw America and the American people we won’t even dwell on the illegal drugs sex and gang activity at this time just considering the “Good” illegals that will come and use every fake or stolen Social Security number or ID that will eventually knock one of our American citizens out of a job. They then apply for and receive food stamps & welfare that was meant for citizens in times of need this leads to a increased burden of an over burdened & corrupt system all to the loss of the American people better yet the American taxpayer. These illegals with all the niceties now in place will begin to have children on top of children knowing that each one is a dollar sign added to the food stamps and welfare that they should not be receiving in the first place. These kids or then stuffed into our overcrowded schools where they are catered to mostly in Spanish never expected to learn our language but we are encouraged to learn there’s they will eat free lunches and be cared for by federal paid childcare workers who used to be known as teachers as their parents stay at home and probably make more babies, commit crimes of drug dealing, prostitution,identity theft,& gang activity all the time encouraging their family members from their own home country to follow in their footsteps to the land of milk Honey and foolish people Who encourage them. The kids grow up quickly on the tax payers dime soon to enter gang activity as they dropout of school and now they learn to be better criminals they have great examples their parents,they are schooled and educated in drug dealing, drug abuse, burglary,armed robbery, & drive-by shooting just to mention a few.Let us not forget the money now spent on law enforcement or lack there of because it is obvious that our laws are not being inforced but the officers are being paid as well they should be there doing a job it’s just not the right job. Then if by some slim margin someone does go to jail being a illegal it still cost this country money to keep them fed and incarcerated,medical care,& clothing just to mention a few things coming directly from the tax payers pockets. Then what is this doing to our neighborhoods? Check out the loss of property values they drop like a stone as criminal activity increases the insurance rates skyrockets as the criminal activities increase all this as the subsidies the handouts increase all the time the American way of life decreases and gets more expensive as our taxes increase to cover the cost of the illegals. what use to be our suburbs now resemble the barrios of Mexico what used to be a family neighborhood now resembles Tijuana on a Saturday night loud Mexican music,drinking, drugging, sexing,litter,decay,gang activity,low riders,noise,waste,and destruction, welcome to what use to be your home. But we too must except and take responsibility for major portion of this decline we vote and most often for life politicians who get rich on our loss,one home rents to a illegal then two or three families will move out making room for more illegals,no longer single-family homes they now they have several families living under one roof that was never designed for multiple families inturn the property owner has great increase in maintenance cost so they no longer maintain the properties but this makes no difference to illegals for now you’re quiet suburban neighborhood has become the barrio that they are so accustomed to. They do not come to America to become Americans they come here to use and abuse our systems and Our country to change the very fabric and landscape and we continue to accept it,some even embrace it as our government promotes it! After all our liberal democratic led government now promotes welfare and food stamps in the illegals own home countries all a part of the plan for the destruction of America and her way of life. These are just a few things to consider and I will now climb down from my soapbox moment.Until the next time God family and country the way it used to be the way it should be the way it needs to be! Nailed!