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The Godly Gift of Love

Posted in Uncategorized on December 19, 2013 by nailedflesh


Truly the most wonderful blessing in my life,a heavenly gift from God my precious wife.A friend,a lover there could never be another,how and why Father God would ever choose to richly bless my life by sending Judy to me to be my wife I will never really understand.Except for His Love of all of us even a sinful man,this has to be the supernatural love that comes from above, ordained in days of old before time began,when we all lived with Father as spirit children before we were sent to earth to dwell with man.We make many mistakes along the way one of the worst is not walking in His Ways,but Father so loving of His children always has a plan He knows just what to do to restore us sinful man.He sent His only Son to walk this earth,He entered this world through a virgin birth.He lived and grew in the ways of God to become a Man of Love for all to see,only to be rejected and crucified on a tree,but this was Gods plan this was His Gift to all of mankind a way back to Father and that supernatural Love.Now to me this seems to be way too much work to restore a relationship with some hard headed kids who continue to live lives of sin but because of
Fathers Heart of Love we always win.