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Listen up people and you best take heed,as I tell a tale about A Demonic Steed.Throughout history he has been known by many names,and in the end it’s always the same.Broken hearts,broken dreams,a broken spirit at best continue to read you’ll learn the rest.Don’t be so quick to saddle up this beast from Hell,just listen for a moment to this tale I tell.I started to ride this beast as a very young man I rode hard and long which was never my plan.I did not realize just how far I had ridden,and the grip on my being could not be hidden.If you have not learned the name of this demon horse,his name is Heroin and Hell is his course.This evil beast will carry you far away,he will bind you and keep you longer than you ever planned to stay.He will rob and steal all that have,and when it comes to your loved ones he just doesn’t care.Now by this time you and the beast are one,and whats left of you life rots on his pile of dung.You have made this choice,you opened up your veins,now over your life Steed Heroin does reign.You can overcome this beast,no longer to be your master,what else is there to loose your lifes a diaster.You say that you can control surely you jest,with that foolish thinking you will never find rest.What I’m about to say will sound cold at best,but your final ride ends with dirt on your chest.So save yourself and loved ones a greatdeal of pain,put down your spoon and syringe and get out of this game.The lives that can be saved are as precious stones,turn this over to GOD and you’ll never be alone.Then in the future you may meet another in need,to share a story of victory over the demonic steed.Nailed