Background checks for Law Abiding Citizens

It just blows me away how “We The People” will just sit back & allow the Liberals to “SLAP Us Into Submission” without any serious back-lash from so-called leaders,or those who state that they are Protecting 2nd Ammendment Rights.They beg for finances,contact everyone you know,this that and another,but will not Bring “The Heat”.Please allow me to explain a bit further,I’ve started a online Petition for “Background Checks on Those who We often Foolishly Elect & Re-Elect” I would have thought that a Petition like this would be a Great way of throwing a little something in the faces of those who are coming to destroy Our Rights.Then again I must be realistic about this and not allow it to Eat so Hard on my Attitude,I’m sure that those who say they are here to help don’t want any Digging into the backgrounds of their Elected Officials,Ya’ll know,It’s that Skeleton in The Closet Thing.AMERICA,”WAKE UP” before It’s Way Too Late.If interested please view Petition at “The Petition Site”


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