What is Happening 2 Me?

I am sure that it’s not real hard to figure out the place of my birth and upbringing,if you are not sure it is “Nawlins” or New Orleans for those who choose to mispronounce.Anyway,I lived most of my life in the St.BernardParrish area,AKA “GwadsCountry”or “d’Parrish”,just across the parrish line of The New Orleans 9th Ward(a place of HurricaneKatrina Fame) just below the lower FrenchQuaters.If you know anything about our city,you would know that it is one of the greatest “MeltingPotSocities”in this country.With that said,that brings me to the title of this post.You have to understand that in a city with such a diverse cross section of Americas people,Daddy thought that we should be taught not to be pridgious but to be very selective in whom we ran with.He taught each one of us to always respect the honerable man,the upright family person,the folks who love God,Family & Country,those who provided & raised their families together,No matter the color of their skin.We were also taught to be good democrats.Now I believe this is where the so-called rubber meets the road.As I began to witness the downward spiral of vision of this once proud party It’s hard to believe that my family ever aligned themselves with these people,well at least the democrats of today.Now,come the meat of this post,and it “Scares Me 2 Death”,never in my 55years,have I been so negitive,angry and almost on the verge of being biggoted towards so many folks,I’ve made comments that would cause Daddy to turn over in his grave.I’ve said things against people that never should come from someone who love and serves Our God in heaven.I have allowed the enemy of my soul to gain a foothold of Predgious over my thoughts & speech.This is a spiritual cancer that must be eradicated.,but I’m only one weak man,so to aid in the salvation of my spirit,my soul,and heart,I must pray the hardest prayer ever to be prayed by me.It truely is for the best for all concerned,especially where Eternal Life comes into play,and as The Word of God states “He is not willing that any shall perrish” I have to follow His Will.Ready?,here it is: Father I pray that You Seek & Save all those who are responsible for the wrong direction of our country,those who twist and change Your Word,those who continue on a road of division and hatered,all who are killing Your innocent ones,those who follow and worship false gods,all who are steadfast to remove and keep You from our schools,work places,and country,Father,this list could go on for a long time and you know who are those who hate You and those who love You.So I’ll finish this pray as I ask that after The Holy Spirit offers Salvation( prayerfully  they accept Your Gift),Then KILL them where they stand. I’m sure this will shock some but,please hear me out. I would rather see these people Saved & Killed to spend eternity in God’s Loving Arms for All Eternity,then to live to be 150 years old and Bust the Gates of HELL Wide Open.This is Truely a Prayer of Love. Amen


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