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Never A More Ap…

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Never A More Applicable Quote

Judge me by my enemies,Fear me by my friends,Trust me by my Word and Know me by my Actions.


Background checks for Law Abiding Citizens

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It just blows me away how “We The People” will just sit back & allow the Liberals to “SLAP Us Into Submission” without any serious back-lash from so-called leaders,or those who state that they are Protecting 2nd Ammendment Rights.They beg for finances,contact everyone you know,this that and another,but will not Bring “The Heat”.Please allow me to explain a bit further,I’ve started a online Petition for “Background Checks on Those who We often Foolishly Elect & Re-Elect” I would have thought that a Petition like this would be a Great way of throwing a little something in the faces of those who are coming to destroy Our Rights.Then again I must be realistic about this and not allow it to Eat so Hard on my Attitude,I’m sure that those who say they are here to help don’t want any Digging into the backgrounds of their Elected Officials,Ya’ll know,It’s that Skeleton in The Closet Thing.AMERICA,”WAKE UP” before It’s Way Too Late.If interested please view Petition at “The Petition Site”

How much more Heat before The Children of God get Fired-Up?

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When will the so-call Evangelical Warriors of God show up for duty?When will any of Gods Warroirs show a little guts.All I see is either cowards or liers because very few have the goods to do what The Lord has called us to do and be.Maybe it’s because I’m a no good,stinking junkie,lier,thief,stone cold killer Saved by Grace that it sickens me to even think that I’ll have to Stand for The Cowards that are suppose to be The Lords Church.Oh,I’ll stand and I’ll be willing to die for you,because that has always been my “Call to Duty”it’s just a damm shame that I know now that there is not many men who will have my back,at least I really won’t care when the crap hits the fan I’ll know who will be there.The same Holy Warrior that showed up in “The furnace”,”The One made pussies out of a den of lions”I’m sure that some of you weakass Sunday warriors(U don’t even deserve a capital W)playing church,Big man of G-d,when six days a week there is no day light between you and the perverted world thats owns your cowardly ass.Oh,I know if any (hopefully many) read this,you’ll jump on your religiuos high horse and try to beat me down,ya’ll are real quick,oh man of god,to jump on a believer,but what about a foul nasty perverted G-d hating fool,they leave you speechless,shaking in your panties.Just look around that pile of bricks you call a church,who out numbers you men(I use that term lightly)who are the PrayerWarriors,who are the True Servents?Figured it out yet,who does the most of what they are called to do? It’s the women,and why is that,maybe because G-d knows who He can depend on history has never changed,you men might want to open that Big PaperWhight ya’ll all carry around.Check out g-d’s Letter it’s for you,discover all the times when weak-ass men caused Father to turn to His Ace in da hole,G-dly Women.If you have kids too,you best believe they ain’t fooled one bit they too have your number.Have I succeeded in hurting your politically correct little feelings,or have I caused a bit of swelling in a part of a mans anatomy?Well Good! It’s about time you felt something other than fear and compromise.Now all you have to do is a few important things,let’s start with Repentence(VeryImportant)cuz ain’t nothing happening until you do,and I’ll guess some have a bunch of time coming in Father’s WoodShed.Then Power-up on His Word,Praise and Prayer.Then the next time some muslim trashes a Bible you’ll be so sick in your spirit you’ll do something,when they use your tax dollars to fund attacks on Our G-d or His Word and Teachings you’ll vote out those who supported this garbage,when some bunch of perverted kids from perverted homes put on a play that portrays Biblical Stories with homosexual characters,there woulb be so many picketers they would be two blocks deep.It is my deepest heartfelt prayer that you can hear the Call upon your spirit,stand and allow The Holy Spirit to fill and equipt you with the boldness to stand for The King of Kings.That you once again assume you role as Priest of your home.Then Proudly stand with your chest filled with The Breath of the Spirit and make it known in your church,home and workplace that you are A Man of G-d,A Holy Warrior that is willing to stand now and when The Lord Jesus  Christ Returns.I’ll be praying for you so please return the favor and pray for yourself,cuz I’m covered by a Few,Proud & Brave Warriors who serve The King of The Universe.Amen

What is Happening 2 Me?

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I am sure that it’s not real hard to figure out the place of my birth and upbringing,if you are not sure it is “Nawlins” or New Orleans for those who choose to mispronounce.Anyway,I lived most of my life in the St.BernardParrish area,AKA “GwadsCountry”or “d’Parrish”,just across the parrish line of The New Orleans 9th Ward(a place of HurricaneKatrina Fame) just below the lower FrenchQuaters.If you know anything about our city,you would know that it is one of the greatest “MeltingPotSocities”in this country.With that said,that brings me to the title of this post.You have to understand that in a city with such a diverse cross section of Americas people,Daddy thought that we should be taught not to be pridgious but to be very selective in whom we ran with.He taught each one of us to always respect the honerable man,the upright family person,the folks who love God,Family & Country,those who provided & raised their families together,No matter the color of their skin.We were also taught to be good democrats.Now I believe this is where the so-called rubber meets the road.As I began to witness the downward spiral of vision of this once proud party It’s hard to believe that my family ever aligned themselves with these people,well at least the democrats of today.Now,come the meat of this post,and it “Scares Me 2 Death”,never in my 55years,have I been so negitive,angry and almost on the verge of being biggoted towards so many folks,I’ve made comments that would cause Daddy to turn over in his grave.I’ve said things against people that never should come from someone who love and serves Our God in heaven.I have allowed the enemy of my soul to gain a foothold of Predgious over my thoughts & speech.This is a spiritual cancer that must be eradicated.,but I’m only one weak man,so to aid in the salvation of my spirit,my soul,and heart,I must pray the hardest prayer ever to be prayed by me.It truely is for the best for all concerned,especially where Eternal Life comes into play,and as The Word of God states “He is not willing that any shall perrish” I have to follow His Will.Ready?,here it is: Father I pray that You Seek & Save all those who are responsible for the wrong direction of our country,those who twist and change Your Word,those who continue on a road of division and hatered,all who are killing Your innocent ones,those who follow and worship false gods,all who are steadfast to remove and keep You from our schools,work places,and country,Father,this list could go on for a long time and you know who are those who hate You and those who love You.So I’ll finish this pray as I ask that after The Holy Spirit offers Salvation( prayerfully  they accept Your Gift),Then KILL them where they stand. I’m sure this will shock some but,please hear me out. I would rather see these people Saved & Killed to spend eternity in God’s Loving Arms for All Eternity,then to live to be 150 years old and Bust the Gates of HELL Wide Open.This is Truely a Prayer of Love. Amen